In my artworks the hard-drives used are from 8086, 286, 386, 486 machines to the Pentium one.  It came out that new drives are less usefull in the artistic creation regarding the fact that parts inside are lot more smaller because of their technical improvement. Maybe more interesting is to say, that the hard-drive technology has gone through the technology “Evolution”.                       What has been changed mechanicaly during the “Evolution”?                                                These magnetic discs where the information is magneticaly stored are allways the same shape, but the read-write heads are different from the generation to generation.                                  In my first models they are used as legs because of their legged-shape and this technology is very rare to find today.                                                                                                       First model with this kind of legs was the futuristic Dinosaurus powered with solar cells.         The next generation was more like a male-form magnetic head which is used in my Art as a male person. After that are comming the female-shaped magnetic heads and they are used as female persons in my Art. They have been further minimized and such a “female hard-drives” are to find in every computer of the new generation.                                                                               Where the technology “evolution of hard-drives” goes next?        


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